The GTM Coupe is a kit car designed by the Cox Brothers back in 1967 in Stockport. It is based on the components from a classic mini (i personally feel aggreived having to say 'classic' because BMW's stocky roadster shares nothing but the badge... but i digress...)

The GTM (or Grand Touring Mini) uses two front subframes from the iconic mini allowing the engine to be mounted in a mid-engine position. For me this is a stroke of genius that combines the fantastic handing of the mini with the weight distribution of a mid engine sports coupe. As time marched on, the GTM design was revised a couple of times, with the original Cox GTM now a highly sought after model. I am lucky enough to be a proud owner of a 3rd generation design, itself rare vehicle, if only dating back to 1985.

The construction is a steel tub chassis with a square tubular frame that bolts to two mini front subframes. The manufacture and sale of GTM coupe kits ceased in 1994 and for a while Primo Designs looked to remanufacture the kit, however after the company owner passed away this kit was relegated to the history books.

There is also a question today whether a standard kit would meet the more stringent regulations required for kit cars today, so it is unlikely that this gem will ever be produces again.

If you scour the classifieds and are prepared to travel a fair distance, then there is still the odd one or two that come up for sale each year, and as its built on the components of a calssic mini spare parts are easy to come by.

This site is aimed at those people that want to develop their GTM coupes and bring them into the 21st century. We aim to design modern components and electronics so that the GTM coupe can once again compete with the best.